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Welcome to Rosedale Golf and Country Club, where luxury meets leisure in an exquisite setting. As one of the premier golf destinations in the region, Rosedale offers a prestigious membership opportunity for individuals seeking an unparalleled experience in Sarasota, Florida. With its meticulously designed championship golf course, state-of-the-art facilities, and an array of exclusive amenities, Rosedale sets the stage for a refined lifestyle enveloped in elegance. Whether you are an avid golfer or simply appreciate the finer things in life, a membership at Rosedale Golf and Country Club opens doors to a world of recreational pursuits, social camaraderie, and unparalleled personalized service.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Membership

The Rosedale Golf and Country Club offers an exclusive membership opportunity for individuals passionate about golf and the country club lifestyle. Located in a picturesque setting, Rosedale provides a world-class golfing experience paired with exceptional amenities.

Golfing Experience

At Rosedale Golf and Country Club, members have access to an exquisite 18-hole championship golf course designed by renowned architect Ted McAnlis. The meticulously maintained fairways and greens offer a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. With stunning views and strategic layouts, the course provides a memorable journey through lush landscapes.


In addition to the exceptional golf facilities, Rosedale offers a wide range of amenities to enhance the overall club experience. These include:

  • State-of-the-art practice facilities for honing golf skills
  • Tennis courts for friendly matches or competitive play
  • Fitness center equipped with modern exercise equipment
  • Swimming pool and spa for relaxation and recreation
  • Dining options ranging from casual to fine dining

Membership Privileges

By becoming a member of Rosedale Golf and Country Club, individuals gain access to exclusive privileges, including:

  • Priority tee times for golf reservations
  • Participation in club tournaments and events
  • Discounts on pro shop merchandise and golf lessons
  • Invitations to social gatherings and member-only functions
  • Access to reciprocal privileges at other affiliated clubs

Memberships at Rosedale Golf and Country Club are available in various categories to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether you are an avid golfer or seeking a luxurious social environment, Rosedale offers a membership that aligns with your desires.

For more information on Rosedale Golf and Country Club membership opportunities, please visit their official website or reach out to their membership department directly.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Fees

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is a prestigious golf club located in [insert location]. It offers various membership options to cater to the needs of golf enthusiasts and individuals seeking an upscale recreational experience.

Golf Membership Fees

Membership TypeInitiation FeeAnnual Dues
Full Golf Membership[insert initiation fee][insert annual dues]
Social Golf Membership[insert initiation fee][insert annual dues]
Junior Golf Membership[insert initiation fee][insert annual dues]

Add-on Services and Amenities

  • Practice Range: [insert fee]
  • Golf Cart Rental: [insert fee]
  • Tennis Courts: [insert fee]
  • Swimming Pool: [insert fee]
  • Fitness Center: [insert fee]
  • Clubhouse Dining: [insert fee]

Rosedale Golf and Country Club provides a comprehensive range of facilities and services for its members, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. The club’s fees may vary based on membership type, amenities accessed, and any promotional offers available. It is recommended to contact the club directly for the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding fees and membership options.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Benefits

  • Prestigious Golfing Experience:
  • The Rosedale Golf and Country Club offers a prestigious golfing experience with its meticulously designed course, featuring lush greens and challenging fairways.

  • Exclusive Membership:
  • Becoming a member of the club grants individuals access to exclusive amenities and facilities, including clubhouse privileges, dining options, social events, and more.

  • Community Atmosphere:
  • Being part of Rosedale Golf and Country Club creates a sense of community, allowing members to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for golf and a desire for an upscale lifestyle.

  • Recreational Activities:
  • In addition to golf, the club offers a wide range of recreational activities such as tennis, swimming, fitness centers, and spa services, ensuring members can enjoy a well-rounded leisure experience.

  • Professional Services:
  • Rosedale provides professional services to enhance the overall experience, including golf lessons, event planning, and personalized assistance from the attentive staff to meet the diverse needs of its members.

Joining Rosedale Golf and Country Club not only provides an elite golfing experience but also opens doors to a vibrant community atmosphere and a variety of recreational activities. With exclusive membership benefits and access to professional services, members can truly enjoy an upscale lifestyle within this esteemed establishment.

How to Join Rosedale Golf and Country Club

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is a prestigious and exclusive establishment offering exceptional golfing and leisure experiences. If you’re interested in becoming a member of this esteemed club, here’s a concise guide on how to join:

  1. Membership Categories: Rosedale Golf and Country Club offers various membership categories to suit different preferences and needs. These may include full golf memberships, social memberships, junior memberships, and more. Assess the available options and choose the category that aligns with your interests.
  2. Contact the Club: Reach out to the Rosedale Golf and Country Club administration to express your interest in joining. You can typically find their contact information on their official website or by calling their main office.
  3. Schedule a Visit: Arrange a visit to the club to get a firsthand experience of the facilities and amenities. This will also give you an opportunity to meet club representatives who can provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Membership Application: Once you’ve decided to proceed, request a membership application form from the club. Fill out the form accurately and provide any requested documentation or references they require.
  5. Review and Approval Process: Submit your completed application along with any applicable fees or dues. The club will review your application and conduct any necessary background checks. The approval process may take some time, so it’s important to be patient during this stage.
  6. Membership Acceptance: If your application is approved, congratulations! You will receive a formal acceptance letter and membership agreement from Rosedale Golf and Country Club. Review the terms and conditions carefully, sign the agreement, and return it as instructed.
  7. New Member Orientation: After returning the signed agreement, you will be invited to attend a new member orientation session. This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the club’s rules, facilities, and etiquette.

By following these steps, you can begin your journey towards becoming a member of Rosedale Golf and Country Club, where you’ll gain access to exceptional golf courses, recreational amenities, and a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Amenities

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts and those seeking an upscale country club experience. Nestled in a picturesque setting, this exclusive club offers a wide range of amenities to cater to its members’ recreational and social needs.

Golf Facilities

At Rosedale Golf and Country Club, members have access to an exceptional 18-hole championship golf course designed by renowned architect Ted McAnlis. The meticulously maintained fairways, challenging greens, and stunning views make it a golfer’s paradise. Additionally, the club provides a driving range, putting greens, and professional golf instruction to help players refine their skills.

Tennis Facilities

The club boasts state-of-the-art tennis facilities, including Har-Tru courts for optimal performance. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, Rosedale offers opportunities for friendly matches, competitive tournaments, and professional coaching. Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy the sport while surrounded by beautiful landscaping and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Fitness and Wellness

For those seeking an active lifestyle, Rosedale Golf and Country Club provides a fully equipped fitness center with modern equipment and personalized training programs. Members can engage in various fitness classes, such as yoga, pilates, and strength training, tailored to individual needs. Additionally, the club offers spa services, including massage therapy and relaxation treatments, promoting overall well-being.

Dining and Socializing

Rosedale understands that an exceptional dining experience is an integral part of a country club lifestyle. Members can indulge in exquisite cuisine at the club’s elegant restaurant, which features a diverse menu prepared by talented chefs using locally sourced ingredients. The clubhouse also offers socializing areas, including a bar and lounge, where members can unwind, connect with friends, and enjoy a wide selection of beverages.

Swimming and Recreation

A highlight of Rosedale Golf and Country Club is its sparkling swimming pool, surrounded by lush landscapes and comfortable lounging areas. Members can relax by the poolside, take a refreshing dip, or participate in water aerobics classes. The club also provides additional recreational amenities such as walking trails, bocce courts, and social events throughout the year to foster a sense of community among its members.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Cost

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is a premier golfing destination located in [location]. It offers an exceptional golfing experience along with various amenities for its members. When considering the cost of membership at Rosedale, it’s essential to understand that fees can vary based on different factors such as membership type, privileges, and duration.

Membership Types

  • Full Golf Membership: This type of membership grants access to all golf facilities and amenities provided by Rosedale. It typically includes unlimited golf rounds, practice facilities, clubhouse access, and participation in club events. Full golf memberships often involve initiation fees and monthly or annual dues.
  • Social Membership: Designed for individuals who primarily seek social engagement and limited golf access, social memberships offer access to clubhouse facilities, dining options, social events, and some restricted golf privileges. These memberships may have lower initiation fees and reduced monthly or annual dues compared to full golf memberships.
  • Junior Membership: Aimed at younger golf enthusiasts, junior memberships provide access to golf amenities for a specific age group. They may offer discounted rates and limited privileges tailored to meet the needs of younger individuals.

Cost Factors

The cost of joining Rosedale Golf and Country Club depends on several factors:

  • Membership Type: As mentioned earlier, different membership types have varying costs. Full golf memberships generally involve higher fees due to their comprehensive access and benefits.
  • Initiation Fees: Many golf clubs require new members to pay an initiation fee, which is a one-time expense upon joining. This fee contributes to club maintenance, capital improvements, and operational costs.
  • Monthly or Annual Dues: Members are typically required to pay recurring dues, either on a monthly or annual basis. These fees contribute to maintaining the club’s facilities, services, and staff.
  • Additional Charges: Certain amenities and services within the club might incur additional charges, such as golf cart rentals, guest fees, or dining expenses.

The cost of membership at Rosedale Golf and Country Club varies depending on factors like membership type, initiation fees, monthly or annual dues, and additional charges. It is advisable to contact the club directly or visit their official website for specific and up-to-date information regarding membership costs.

Note: Please note that the information provided above is based on general knowledge up until September 2021. For the most accurate and current details, it is recommended to verify the information from official sources or directly contact Rosedale Golf and Country Club.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Reviews

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is a prestigious golf destination located in [insert location]. It has gained a reputation for its exceptional golf courses, luxurious amenities, and outstanding customer service.

The club offers an exquisite golfing experience with its meticulously designed courses that cater to players of all skill levels. The well-maintained fairways, challenging hazards, and scenic views make Rosedale Golf and Country Club a favorite among golf enthusiasts.

Aside from the exceptional golf facilities, the club also provides a range of other amenities to enhance members’ experiences. These include state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, and fine dining options. The club’s dedication to providing a complete luxury experience sets it apart from other golf and country clubs in the area.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club has received rave reviews from its members and visitors. Many praise the impeccable course conditions and the attention to detail in every aspect of the club. The staff is highly acclaimed for their professionalism, friendliness, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

Members appreciate the exclusive atmosphere and the sense of community fostered within the club. It serves as a social hub where like-minded individuals can connect and enjoy various activities both on and off the golf course.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Events

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is a prestigious establishment known for its exceptional golfing facilities and exclusive social events. Located in a picturesque setting, it offers a range of exciting activities and gatherings for members and guests.

Golf Tournaments

Rosedale hosts various golf tournaments throughout the year, attracting both professional players and avid golf enthusiasts. These tournaments provide an opportunity to showcase skills, compete against top talents, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow golfers.

Social Gatherings

In addition to golf, Rosedale organizes a variety of social events designed to bring people together and foster a sense of community. From elegant galas to themed parties, these gatherings provide an enjoyable and sophisticated atmosphere for members and their guests.

Culinary Experiences

Rosedale understands the importance of fine dining and culinary indulgence. With its on-site restaurants and dedicated chefs, the club hosts special dining events that showcase exquisite cuisines paired with carefully selected wines, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience.

Charity and Fundraising Events

Rosedale believes in giving back to the community and regularly organizes charity and fundraising events. These events not only support worthy causes but also offer an opportunity for members to contribute meaningfully, creating a positive impact beyond the club’s grounds.

Wellness and Fitness Programs

Rosedale values the health and well-being of its members and provides fitness programs and wellness initiatives. From yoga classes to personal training sessions, the club promotes a balanced lifestyle and encourages members to prioritize their physical and mental wellness.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of Rosedale Golf and Country Club offers numerous benefits. Members enjoy access to exclusive events, priority booking for facilities, participation in club leagues, and reciprocal privileges with other esteemed golf clubs.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Dining

Rosedale Golf and Country Club offers an exceptional dining experience, combining exquisite cuisine with a beautiful ambiance. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or simply seeking a delightful meal, the club’s dining facilities are designed to cater to your culinary desires.

The main dining area features an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner. The tables are beautifully set, and the attentive staff ensures that every detail is taken care of, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

One of the highlights of Rosedale Golf and Country Club’s dining experience is the diverse menu. With a focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients, the club’s chefs create innovative dishes that appeal to various tastes and preferences.

The menu at the club often includes a range of options, from classic favorites to international flavors. You can expect delectable appetizers, mouthwatering entrees, and tempting desserts that showcase the culinary expertise of the club’s talented team.

In addition to the main dining area, Rosedale Golf and Country Club also offers a casual dining option. The club’s bar and grill provide a more relaxed setting where members can unwind and enjoy a casual meal or grab a quick bite after a round of golf. The menu here typically includes lighter fare, such as sandwiches, salads, and appetizers.

Members of Rosedale Golf and Country Club have the opportunity to participate in special dining events and themed nights throughout the year. These events often feature exclusive menus, allowing members to indulge in unique culinary experiences and socialize with fellow club members.

Overall, Rosedale Golf and Country Club dining provides a high-quality gastronomic adventure in a refined and inviting setting. Whether you’re looking for a formal fine-dining experience or a relaxed meal with friends, the club ensures that every visit is filled with exceptional food, attentive service, and a memorable culinary journey.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club Facilities

Rosedale Golf and Country Club is renowned for its exceptional facilities that cater to the needs of golf enthusiasts and individuals seeking a luxurious lifestyle. With its prime location in a beautiful setting, Rosedale offers a range of amenities and services designed to provide an exceptional experience for its members.

  • Golf Course: The centerpiece of Rosedale is its meticulously maintained 18-hole championship golf course. Designed by renowned architect Ted McAnlis, the course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. Breathtaking views and well-manicured fairways make it a golfer’s paradise.
  • Clubhouse: The grand clubhouse serves as the social hub of Rosedale. It features elegant architecture and provides a welcoming atmosphere for members and their guests. Inside, you’ll find various amenities, including dining options, a pro shop, locker rooms, and event spaces. It’s a perfect place to unwind and connect with other members.
  • Tennis Courts: For those who enjoy tennis, Rosedale offers state-of-the-art tennis facilities. The club boasts Har-Tru clay courts that are well-maintained and provide an excellent playing surface. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there are opportunities for friendly matches and organized tournaments.
  • Fitness Center: Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is effortless at Rosedale. The fitness center is fully equipped with modern exercise machines, free weights, and dedicated areas for group fitness classes. Personal trainers are available to assist members in achieving their fitness goals.
  • Swimming Pool: On hot days, the swimming pool area at Rosedale offers a refreshing retreat. The pool is surrounded by comfortable loungers and cabanas, creating a serene environment for relaxation and sunbathing. It’s an idyllic spot to cool off or enjoy some quality time with family and friends.

Rosedale Golf and Country Club’s commitment to providing exceptional facilities ensures that members have access to world-class amenities that enhance their overall experience. Whether you’re passionate about golf, tennis, fitness, or simply enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, Rosedale has something for everyone.


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