Full House Renovations: Taking Your Home from Ordinary to Extraordinary


Embarking on a full house renovation can seem intimidating, yet it holds the promise of transforming your space from ordinary to extraordinary. This guide aims to educate you on all the vital aspects you need to consider before the first hammer hits a nail.

How Long Does a Complete Home Renovation Take?

A full house renovation is multifaceted, and the timeline can vary greatly. It’s critical to remember that the timeline is often influenced by several factors, including but not limited to:

  • The Weather: Inclement weather conditions like storms, heavy rain, or high winds can halt work. Extreme temperatures also pose risks and require adequate risk assessment to protect workers from dehydration, heatstroke, sunburn, or heat rash.
  • Availability of Materials: If there are material shortages or the supplier is out of stock, this can delay renovations. This is why early planning is crucial to pre-order materials and accommodate any potential delays.
  • Unexpected Issues: During a full home remodeling, unforeseen problems can arise. It could be structural issues like cracks, water damage, or mold that require immediate attention and add time to the project.

How Much Does a Full House Renovation Cost?

Determining the cost of a full house renovation can be complex and varies greatly based on several factors. Primarily, the size of your property, the scale of work required, and the desired quality of finish will influence the total cost. Typically, in Australia, renovation expenses range from $700k to $2 million.

What The Process Entails for You and Your Family

Embarking on a full home renovation is not solely about transforming your living space; it’s also about the journey your family will take during the process.

1. Consultation + Design Concept

This initial stage involves discussing your vision, needs, and budget, leading to the creation of a bespoke design concept.

2. Project Planning For Your Complete House Renovation

In this stage, all the logistical and administrative work begins. Proper planning ensures a smooth renovation process and minimizes delays.

3. Design Development For A Full Renovation

This stage brings the design concept to life, with designers working on detailed plans and drawings that will serve as a guide for builders.

4. Construction + Execution

This phase involves finalizing designs, acquiring necessary permissions, and preparing for construction execution.

4. Preliminary Pricing For Your Complete Home Renovation

This is where the actual renovation begins. Your chosen contractor will commence building, working closely with you to ensure all aspects of the design are executed correctly.

5. Project Management and Coordination

Throughout the renovation process, our team at Watara Homes will manage and coordinate every aspect to ensure a seamless experience for you and your family.

In conclusion

Renovating a whole house is an exciting journey that requires careful planning, budgeting, and project management to achieve your dream home. Before diving into the renovation process, it’s important to understand why you want to embark on this journey.

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